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Great Power (listed on Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market, Stock Code: 300438) was founded in 2001 with 281 millior(RMB) registered capital and it has heen a competitive battery manufacturer in China over the vears. Our maior products include primary batteries, such as Li-Fes2. Li-MnO2, and Zinc-Air battery, rechargeable batteries, such as Ni-MH, Polymer Li-ior Cylindrical Li-ion and square aluminum shell Lithium battery. After accomplishing the wide coverage of traditional consumer electronics batteries. Great Power has fully entered the fields of new energy vehicle power battery system and associatedAC & DC chareing pile, household energy storage system, large scale on/off-grid energy storage system, and battery raw material recycling With such achievements, Great Power is now dedicated to developing new energy vehicle operation and post-sales market electric vehicle timeshare, and consummate the technology accumulation of charging pile and photovoltaic energy storage Great Power has comprehensively achieved the full coverage of the new energy industry chain.

Great Power has established 4 modern production bases in Guangzhou, Zhuhai. Zhumadian and Fukui(Jlapan) respectively.These factories cover a total area of 274,000 square meters. Our products have been sold to more than 50 countries/region: worldwide, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Britain and France. We have obtained trust and praise from our clients due to the quality we delivered.

Great Power believes that quality is the cornerstone of corporation development, and our company is strictly following ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 standards in establishing and improving our quality control system. From raw material procurement &inspection, production process control to product shipment, we have a consummate, scientific and systematic operation standard to guarantee the quality and stability of our products.

Furthermore. Great Power has always insisted that innovation is the spirit of corporation development. In doinę so. we have established a Research Institute, which consists of more than 400 senior researchers. and in 2010. our Research Institute has heen verified as Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center by the state government. Great Power also has collaborated with Tianiin University in foundine a post-doctoral research center and has cooperated with the city government of Guangzhou in.

establishing Guangzhou Rechargeable Battery Technology Research and Development Center. By far, National Torch Program High.

tech Enterprise, Guangdong High-tech Enterprise, Outstanding Provincial Intellectual Property Enterprise, and GuangdonProvincial New Strategic Industry Key Enterprise are the major honor awarded to Great Power by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Guanedone Provincial Department of Science and Technology and other related government authorities.

Humanistic management, in addition, is our principle, and we regard our staff as the most precious factor in our company?

development. In order to ensure that, accomplishing mutual progress and development is targeted as our most important goal, we have paid sincere attention to our staff's working environment and career development. Simultaneously, we have seen makins contribution to human society as our social responsibility and firmly dedicating to environmental safety, protection, and sustainable development is our promise to fulfill this responsibility 

Fine quality, timely delivery, consummate service and competitive prices enable Great Power to keep attaining praises from our domestic and foreign clients. We, Great Power people with the greatest passion and faithfulness, are willing to strive together with our customers in making common progress and creating a bright future!

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Shenzhen pengke Tongyuan Technology Co., Ltd

Address: 3212 Wanda Plaza, Dongcheng Middle Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-89880801

Fax: 0769-89880801

Factory address: Xinqing fifth road, Xinqing Science and Technology Industrial Park, Doumen District, Zhuhai City

Tel: + 86-756-3922111

Fax: + 86-756-392218


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